For the love of felt

Angela Waller, designer

Angela Waller, designer

Hi, welcome to Pattern Parrot. My name is Angela and I am the owner, designer and creator of the colourful characters that find a home here.

Being the mother of now two grown up children, I have found myself with time on my hands. I'm lucky that my day job allows me periods of extended free time, which no longer filled with caring for my children (Just one fully grown man child, aka the husband) I am able to dedicate to using my talents.

I've always enjoyed being creative and over the years experimented with many different crafts but always return to using a needle and thread. I love learning new skills, sharing ideas and meeting fellow craftaholics who share in my love of all that is handmade. I often use my new found skills to make gifts and items for family and friends. Being relatively new to the world of wool felt, I am often still surprised at how versatile this medium is. It allows me to design and create while exploring the limits of this soft new world. Excitedly, I've fallen in love with making new friends to share with the world.

My inspiration for these delightful characters comes from many different sources, my memories of childhood pets, from my general love of the natural world, my family and friends and also from meeting new friends who often have animals with a tale to tell and delight in sharing their own experiences. I draw on these sources to create my own unique designs while adding my own stylistic twist.

I know that when you make one of my delightful creatures you will instantly fall in love with them as much as I have. With hope in my heart I ask you all to please share your experiences with me. Please visit my contact page to find out how.